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Vision Systems Questions

Question Asked:

Hi, I am looking for inspection system which can works for my 2pc alluminium can line to detect the inside defects on the can. Please suggest any ideas

3 Answers

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Tobias Kempe - Product Manager Twincat Vision
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
t [dot] kempe [at] beckhoff.com
+49 (5246) 963-7617

Hello Shintoy, we at Beckhoff Automation integrated image processing into our real-time machine controller TwinCAT (called TwinCAT Vision). Due to that integration we can implement highly synchronized on-line inspections. If you are interested, we can elaborate further on your task.

David Dechow - Principal Vision Systems Architect
Integro Technologies
ddechow [at] integro-tech [dot] com
(704) 636-9666

Hello Shintoy; Your first consideration for this inspection should be to seek out manufacturers of Application Specific Machine Vision (ASMV) systems who already have developed turnkey solutions specifically designed to do internal and other can/container inspections and who serve customers globally. Two that come to mind are Applied Vision Technology (www.appliedvision.com) and Pressco Technology (www.pressco.com). Both are AIA member companies and you can find more information about them on this web site. (Note that I am not affiliated with either company and am not commercially promoting any specific product.) You might find other companies internationally who specialize in this type of inspection as well. Good Luck, David

Christiane Riedi-von Scheven
Opto GmbH
riedivonscheven [at] opto [dot] de
49 89 898 055 0

Hi, our Cylinder Inspector Quick Test might work for you: https://www.directindustry.com/prod/opto/product-69166-1168043.html But I admit, it might not be the cheapest solution as this is designed for automobile cylinders. Best regards, Christiane Riedi-von Scheven Opto GmbH, Germany

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