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Cameras Questions

Question Asked:

I am looking for a camera that will detect air bubbles leaking from a fuel line submerged in water.

2 Answers

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Ivan Klimkovic - International Sales
ivan [dot] klimkovic [at] ximea.com
49 251 590686 12

Dear Michael Young, Maybe I would be able to suggest a suitable camera model if you can share your needs in regards to camera, like: Resolution, Speed (Frames per second), color/mono, CCD or CMOS, Operational system, interface, target price, volume, Software Libraries you use etc. You can also see a portfolio of our newest Brochures here: https://www.ximea.com/en/products/data-sheets In case you will need more technical information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Best regards, Ivan Klimkovic Key Account Manager XIMEA

David Dechow - Principal Vision Systems Architect
Integro Technologies
ddechow [at] integro-tech [dot] com
(704) 636-9666

Hello Michael; A common misconception in approaching machine vision technology implementation is that an individual component - like a camera - is the solution for a specific task. In reality, there are dozens of cameras and other components that likely could be used in your application. The key to any machine vision application is in the proper design of the system and experienced implementation of the targeted hardware. Bottom line: The success of your application starts with a competent analysis of what your project needs to achieve and the constraints of the environment in which the project will be implemented, followed by the configuration and/or programming of a reliable application to perform the image acquisition and analysis. If this is not something your company already has experience with in using machine vision, you can find many suitable integration partners on this web site. If you want, feel free to contact me directly for more information. Best regards, David

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