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Cameras Questions

Question Asked:

Hello, I was looking through a lot of GigE Vision compliant cameras and I could not find one camera that support All-In packets. Could you provide a manufacture that do ?

3 Answers

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Werner Feith - IP Architect
Sensor To Image GmbH
werner [dot] feith [at] euresys.com
49 8861 2369 0

Lucas, do you look for an application, camera=DEVICE or (host-)software=HOST around the all-in packet? Sorry to ask instead of present a simple answer, Werner

Christiane Riedi-von Scheven
Opto GmbH
riedivonscheven [at] opto [dot] de
49 89 898 055 0

Hello, take a look at our new Imaging Modules, which are a perfect combination of optics, illumination, sensor, and electronic control interface to deliver a perfect image. The ones that are ready to sell come with USB 3.0, but during the year we will also have GigE Vision compliant cameras available. It might be useful for you to subscribe to our Newsletter to be well informed and take a look at this page: https://www.opto.de/en/imaging-module/ Best regards, Christiane Riedi-von Scheven Product Marketing Opto GmbH, Germany

Maximo Roa - Senior Robotics Expert
Roboception GmbH
maximo [dot] roa [at] roboception.de

Hi, you can take a look to the rc_visard from Roboception, which fully supports GigE Vision version 2.0 / GenICam. The full documentation is available on https://doc.rc-visard.com/latest/en/index.html.

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