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I am working on a report on applications of machine vision. I came across terms like "Voxels over Raster Grid" and "Point Clouds", when I was reading about improvements in Machine Vision functions. I am a mechanical engineer and I want to have some basic idea what these terms mean in respect to machine vision. Also how are Embedded Vision and Computer Vision different from Machine Vision.

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David Dechow - Principal Vision Systems Architect
Integro Technologies
ddechow [at] integro-tech [dot] com
(704) 636-9666

Hi. I'm curious about the sources you've found relative to your question about Voxels and pixel Point Clouds related to machine vision function improvement. I have not yet seen voxels specifically used in machine vision, but perhaps someone somewhere is moving in that direction. Overall both are just related to the "representations" of 3D spacial scenes or objects and not necessarily related to the functionality of machine vision tools that would process, segment, and locate or measure objects in 3D space. Further, Voxels or "Volume Elements" as opposed to Pixels or "Picture Elements" are a representation more commonly used in things like gaming, movie making, and medical imaging. I think you will find several good webcasts on the topic of 3D machine vision in general here at visiononline.org that might help you in your research. Due to space, I'll leave the other question for another time.

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