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Are any companies going to Automate/ProMat show in Chicago April 8th-11th, that may be able to help with my issue? This was an older post that I am revisiting. I have a need for some type of vision that can identify the edges of textiles (mostly all white) such as sheets, towels, Wash Clothes, etc. I would envision two types of robotic arms that would be able to fine (grab) the two ends on a side, not opposite ends, and spread them out, to feed into a machine for folding. I understand that the vison may now be able to identify white textile. Any help or a company that may have the vison to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff Nichols

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Sean Lett - Vision and Automation Sales Manager
AIS Technologies Group (formerly Radix Inc.)
sean [dot] lett [at] aistechgroup.com

Hi Jeff, sounds like a challenging application but i think you know that. We will be at Automate next week Booth 7904 Radix, Div of AIS Technology Group. let me know what time you will be able to attend the show and i'll make sure we have the right person to talk with you.

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