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Lighting Equipment Questions

Question Asked:

We are producing refrigerant, and we would like to make a visual inspection at the end of the process, so we are searching for a proper light color or intensity.

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Tom Brennan - President
Artemis Vision
tbrennan [at] artemisvision [dot] com
(303) 832-1111

Deniz, Happy to talk through that with you. What's driving the requirement to control color and intensity? Is it so people don't perceive there to be a difference? or is color and intensity correlated with a concentration of a particular chemical you are looking to control? The first approach leads us down a road of full spectrum illumination and computing delta E (human perceptible differences in color), and the second is more spectroscopy and trying to take a chemical measurement via photonics. In that latter approach we might use only one specific wavelength of light to measure just the targeted response that interests us. Either is possible with vision, and the approach will largely depend on the end goal you are looking to achieve. Tom

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