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I am brand new to this site. I have a need for some type of vision that can identify the edges of textiles (mostly all white) such as sheets, towels, Wash Clothes, etc. I would envision two types of robotic arms that would be able to fine (grab) the two ends on a side, not opposite ends, and spread them out. I understand that the vison may now be able to identify white textile. Any help or a company that may have the vison to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff Nichols

2 Answers

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David Dechow - Principal Vision Systems Architect
Integro Technologies
ddechow [at] integro-tech [dot] com
(704) 636-9666

Hi Jeff; Machine vision technology is regularly applied to many inspection, guidance, and measurement applications. The thing to keep in mind is that the components that are used are just the tools with which one builds and programs a successful application like yours. That said, the design and implementation of a solution that involves many components is usually handled by an integration partner skilled in that task. While your specific project sounds like one that hasn't been widely installed already, it certainly appears on the surface to be feasible. I suggest that you engage a good integration partner to help you in the specification and if appropriate integration of your system. Since my company does perform those services you can feel free to contact me directly for more information. Also, you will find other similar and excellent integration companies on this AIA website. Many are "AIA Certified", a designation indicating a high level of integration expertise.

Tom Brennan - President
Artemis Vision
tbrennan [at] artemisvision [dot] com
(303) 832-1111

Jeff - I would second David's recommendations. Choosing a certified integrator is always a good choice. I would also add that as you consider integration companies, make sure to ship samples of the different textiles and different sizes. Most integration companies will have a lab, and be willing to take a preliminary look at the application free of charge assuming there's a budgetary fit to solve the problem. Sometimes if there's doubt about a particular aspect of the project, a feasibility study might be necessary to mitigate risk on both sides and make sure you get the best solution at the end of the project. First step would be two or three calls and getting some samples in the hands of a company or two. If we can be of assistance feel free to reach out either to me or our North Carolina sales office.

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