AIA Vision Week


Steve Wardell

Steve Wardell

Director of Imaging

ATS Automation and chairman of AIA Board of Directors

Steve’s career at ATS has allowed him to be part of many exciting opportunities over the years. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Computer Science, Steve started out as a control systems programmer, and then took on more responsibility through various increased leadership roles within ATS’ controls and vision engineering groups. He has helped produce hundreds of fascinating and successful automation projects over the years.

His current responsibility is as the head of ATS’ Vision Engineering team. With a group of specialized vision engineers, they provide all machine vision system designs for the ATS systems groups and external customers alike.

Steve is also highly involved in serving the machine vision industry as the current chair of the board of the AIA (Automated Imaging Association). He looks forward to the future of the automation industry and how machine vision can influence its growth.