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Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

Director of Engineering

Smart Vision Lights

Steve Kinney is an Electrical Engineer who began his career as an Inertial + Radar Navigation Technician in the USAF. After his return to civilian life in 1990, he worked on several R&D and product development projects with major companies in California's Silicon Valley before joining Pulnix America and entering the machine vision industry in 1998. Working for Pulnix, Basler, JAI and CCS, he has many years of machine vision imaging experience and has become an expert in industrial cameras and imagers. Since starting work in the lighting sector of Machine Vision in early 2015, he now combines camera expertise with machine vision lighting to bring an expanded knowledge base to the machine vision market. Steve has additionally been an active AIA member. He has been a past chairman of the AIA's Camera Link Committee, beginning with its inception in 1999. As chair of one of the major standards committees, he has also been a participant the G3's Future Standards Forum. Steve has also been a major material contributor and instructor for the AIA Certified Vision Professional (CVP) program in both the Basic and Advanced CVP Camera + Image Sensor Technology courses. Steve currently is the Director of Engineering for Smart Vision Lights.