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AIA's Global 2016 Machine Vision Camera Market Study

Global Machine Vision Camera Market Is Largest It's Ever Been!

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2016 Camera Market Study


What you'll learn:

  • Which manufacturing segments are the hottest in 2016
  • Boldest developments in the machine vision camera market
  • New and developing markets for area scan and line scan cameras
  • Interface technology trends and what's driving them
  • Camera capabilities and features most popular among manufacturing and non-manufacturing customers
  • How camera speed and resolution are evolving in the market
  • Global machine vision camera market sales in terms of units and revenue, with data broken down by  customer type, region, sensor type, interface, resolution, color, lighting, color, and more!
  • Analyses of pricing, interfaces, industries, and market trends
  • Qualitative insight from manufacturers, users, and OEMs
  • The two directions camera manufacturers believe the market will go within five years
  • How the machine vision camera market is changing
  • Sweet spots in the market
  • Which geographic regions are purchasing the most machine vision cameras
  • How different types of cameras compare in terms of their pricing, demand, market penetration, and rates of growth
  • Important insights into the demand drivers for ancillary components and the markets they comprise
  • And much more!
machine vision camera users

This study is highly recommended for machine vision camera users, OEMs, and suppliers, as well as imaging board, optics, lighting and cable companies that seek to better understand their markets and maximize their sales.

Past research has shown that demand for machine vision cameras largely drives demand for other components.

Purchase 2016 Study Online! AIA MEMBERS SAVE 35%!

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