Vision Guided Robotics: Techniques for Pick and Place Applications

March 14, 2017

12:00-1:30 pm ET


One of the rapidly advancing applications in machine vision is Vision Guided Robotics (VGR).  This technology continues to facilitate flexible automation in many industries, and helps to increase productivity and reduce production costs.  This webinar will review some of the basic execution techniques for successful pick and place applications using VGR, and will touch upon related cutting edge technologies such as 3D guidance and deep learning.

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David Dechow

David L. Dechow is Staff Engineer for Intelligent Robotics/Machine Vision at FANUC’s North American headquarters in Rochester Hills Michigan, where he provides customer and internal application and integration support for their iRVision product, vision guided robotics, and other machine vision technologies.

Mr. Dechow has worked in the field of machine vision for over 30 years as a programmer, engineer, and manager, and is widely recognized as a leading expert in machine vision integration and technology. Prior to his position at FANUC, he was the founder and owner of two successful machine vision integration firms.

Mr. Dechow is a recipient of the AIA Automated Imaging Achievement Award honoring industry leaders for outstanding career contributions in industrial and/or scientific imaging. He is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide, and is a frequent contributor to magazines and trade publications.

He has also been a key educator in the industry and has participated in the training of hundreds of machine vision professionals as an instructor with the AIA Certified Vision Professional program.

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