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Vision Standards

Vision Standards
GigE Vision

GenICam Standard

The GigE Vision® specification relies on GenICam™ to describe the features supported by the camera. This description takes the form of an XML device description file respecting the syntax defined by the GenApi module of the GenICam specification.

GenICam is a generic programming interface for all kinds of cameras. No matter what interface technology is used (GigE Vision, Camera Link, 1394 DCAM, etc.) or what features are implemented, the application programming interface (API) will always be the same. GenICam is administered by the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), for more information visit or www.genicam.org.



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GigE Vision®, Camera Link®, Camera Link HS™ and USB3 Vision™ are trademarks owned by the AIA and may not be used without the authorization of the AIA. All other trademarks are the marks of their respective owners.

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