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New Product News

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New Blackfly®S Family Packs the Latest Imaging Technology into a Compact Housing
Point Grey

Category: Cameras

Point Grey today announced the release of Blackfly S, a new family of USB3 Vision and GigE Vision cameras.

Smart Vision Lights Camera-to-Light Cables Available for Teledyne DALSA Cameras
Smart Vision Lights

Category: Cables/Cable Assemblies/Connectors

Smart Vision Lights announced that its camera-to-light (CTL) series of cables are now available for cameras made by Teledyne DALSA

New EX Series – Baumer Quality at Low Prices
Baumer Optronic GmbH

Category: Cameras

The new industrial cameras of the Baumer EX series focus on essential standard-compliant basic functions.

PIXELTEQ Micro-Patterned Optical Filters for Multispectral Imaging

Category: Optics/Lenses/Filters

Unique industry focus on micro-patterning capabilities.

New SpectroCam™ SWIR 640 Multispectral Wheel Camera from PIXELTEQ

Category: Application Specific Machine Vision Systems,Cameras,Vision Systems

Live processed images of 6 spectral bands, full frame resolution, 25 frames per second, new SWIR filters.

Xenics Can Supply its SWIR Cameras ITAR-free in the United States

Category: Cameras

Xenics as been granted Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) approval for many of their ITAR restricted infrared cameras.

Sierra-Olympic Provides Tamron LWIR Zoom Lenses for OEM and Surveillance Applications
Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Category: Optics/Lenses/Filters

Tamron’s high performance zoom lenses for longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal cameras deliver unsurpassed performance and outstanding value.

Allied Vision CMOS Cameras for High Quality Imaging
Allied Vision

Category: Cameras

Manta G-319 & Manta G-507 with SONY PregiusTM CMOS Sensors

Midwest Optical Systems Announces StablEDGE™
Midwest Optical Systems, Inc.

Category: Optics/Lenses/Filters

Filters with Performance Efficiency Uncompromised by Angle of Incidence.

ON Semiconductor Enhances Near-Infrared Performance of CCD Image Sensors
ON Semiconductor

Category: Sensors

New 8-megapixel device is first with improved near-infrared sensitivity for scientific and medical imaging, machine vision, and intelligent transportation systems.

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