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AIA Achievement Award Winners

Achievement Awards

AIA Achievement Award Winners

2013 Andrew Wilson, Editor, Vision Systems Design Magazine
2012 John Stack, President of Optical Systems Division, Zygo Corporation
2011 Robert Steinke, retired Chairman and CEO of DVT Corporation
2010 Joseph Christenson, formerly with PPT VISION
2009 Toshi Hori, President, GEViCAM, Inc.
2008 Don Cochran, Chairman & CEO, Pressco Technology Inc.
2007 David Dechow, President, Aptúra Machine Vision Solutions
2006 Dr. Steven Case, Chairman, CyberOptics Corporation
2005 Dr. Norbert Stein, President, VITRONIC GmbH
2004 Dr. Savvas Chamberlain, CEO and Chairman, DALSA Corporation
2003 Perry West, President, Automated Vision Systems, Inc.
2002 Amir Novini, President and Chairman, Applied Vision Company
2001 Pat V. Costa, President and Chairman of the Board, Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. (RVSI)
2000 Nello Zuech, President, Vision Systems International
1999 Stanley M. Karandanis, Chairman of the Board, Datacube, Inc.
1998 John C. Pemble, Vice President, Fechtor, Detwiler & Co.
1997 Dwight Carlson, Perceptron
1996 Kenneth Levy, KLA-Tencor
1995 Gary Wagner – Leadership, Acuity
Stephen S. Wilson – Technology, AISI
Bruno J. Lay – Scientific Application, Noesis
1994 Kevin Harding – Leadership, Industrial Technology Institute
William Silver – Technology, Cognex Corporation
Jerrold Pine – Industrial Application, Motorola Manufacturing
Dr. Daniel L. Farkas – Scientific Application, Center for Light Microscope Imaging
                                         and Biotechnology, Carnegie Mellon University
1993 Dr. Robert Shillman – Leadership, President and CEO, Cognex Corporation
Rafael C. Gonzalez – Technology, Founder, Perceptics Corporation
J. Thomas Hardesty – Industrial Application, General Supervisor, Packard Electronic
                                         Division, General Motors Corporation
Paul Goodwin – Scientific Application, Manager, Image Analysis Laboratory,
                              Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1991 Richard D. Schwarz – Leadership, Founder and President, EI Consortium, Inc.
Rashid Beg – Technology, Chairman, Imaging Technology, Inc.
Valerie Bolhouse – Industrial Application, Supervisor, Advanced Manufacturing,
                                    Electronics Division, Ford Motor Company
Leopold Neumann – Scientific Application, Vice President of R & D, Analogic Corporation

Note: Business titles and company affiliations listed are from the actual date the award was presented and may have changed.

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