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Achievement Award Selection Criteria

Achievement Awards

Selection Process and Criteria for the AIA Achievement Award

Selection Process:

  • Nominating committee reviews all nominated candidates to make sure candidates meet criteria.
  • If necessary, nominating committee requests AIA staff to collect further information on the candidates to clarify eligibility for award.
  • Nominating committee forwards names of all candidates meeting criteria to the AIA Board of Directors for a vote to select winner.

Award Criteria:

  1. Winners should have at least ten years experience in the machine vision industry as either:
    1. Vision Supplier Company (senior official, preferably president, CEO, founder)
    2. Vision Integrator (senior official, preferably president, CEO, founder)
    3. Vision OEM (responsible for integrating vision in the OEM product)
    4. Vision User (responsible for applying vision at the user company)
    5. Vision Researcher/Educator (senior level, preferably a department head, professor or key faculty member)
    6. Vision Consultant (principal at the company, preferably top executive)
    7. Vision Organization (top executive of an organization involved in promoting machine vision technology)

      Note: the above includes industrial and non-industrial machine vision sectors.
  2. Winners must be recognized as a global leader in their field. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. Frequent speaker at major industry events, leader of internationally recognized associations or standardization efforts.
    2. Author of books, white papers, presentations, articles, etc., successfully sold/presented on a broad basis.
    3. Recognized thought leader and/or mentor to many branches, markets, or segments of machine vision technology.
  3. Impact of achievements can be measured in growth of company, patents, standards, proliferation of applications, research advancements, introduction of vision into new markets, etc.
  4. Must be nominated by people outside of their company/organization.
  5. Must be able to be further interviewed by AIA staff. Interview questions to be developed based on clarifications of accomplishments, etc. and to obtain a feeling of their level of dedication to and sustainability in the industry as opposed to being a “one-hit wonder” and/or capitalizing on a circumstance.
  6. Must be able to travel to the award ceremony (usually held in the USA) to receive award and give an acceptance speech.

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