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2016 Featured Article Editorial Calendar

January Early How to Develop Strategic Partnerships in Machine Vision Industry
January Late What’s New in Machine Vision Software
February Early What Machine Vision Companies Expect in 2016
February Late Machine Vision in Military, Security
March Early Latest trends in area/linear array sensors
March Late Machine Vision in diagnostic imaging/medical
April Early Embedded Vision story
April Late Machine Vision in pharmaceutical/medical device
May Early Machine Vision & Border Security
May Late Product Tracking and Sorting
June Early AIA standards update story for 2016
June Late Multi/hyperspectral imaging & Machine Vision
July Early Machine Vision in outdoor applications
July Late How to protect your Machine Vision system/investment
August Early Machine Vision in Vision Guided Robotics
August Late Bin picking update (software & hardware)
September Early Machine Vision in Automotive Industry
September Late Machine Vision Light, Optics, with Focus on LED Lights
October Early Food & Beverage
October Late Machine Vision and Self-driving Cars
November Early Integrator story
November Late Medical/Life Sciences
December Early Pixel-to-pixel vs Texture vs Geometric pattern searches
December Late Don’t forget the cables (standard/cable/connector round up/summary)


*Editorial calendar is subject to change

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