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AIA Certified System Integrator Program

AIA Certified System Integrator Program

Helping Users Find Qualified System Integrators

The AIA Certified System Integrator Program allows system integration companies to demonstrate the depth of their expertise and highlight their industry experience. Customers can trust that this leading group of qualified companies specialize in system integration and have met the AIA’s specific criteria for:

  • Years of Experience
  • Skill Level of Employees - a minimum number of CVP-Advanced team members
  • Number of Projects Completed Each Year
  • Verified Experience in Specific Industries

See the growing list of AIA Certified System Integrators at right:

Become an AIA Certified System Integrator:

How to Prepare for System Integrator Certification

Vision System Integrators that meet the following criteria may apply to become an AIA Certified System Integrator:

  • Companies must have at least 65% of overall sales derived from system integration (can include vision, robotics, and automation integration).
  • Companies must have a minimum of one Advanced Level Certified Vision Professional for every five full time technically competent vision professionals.
  • Companies must be in business for at least three years, or, in the case of a startup, the principal(s) must have five years of verifiable vision experience.
  • Companies must have successfully completed at least two integration projects in the last 12 months.
  • Companies must provide a list of all platforms used in designing a vision solution.
  • Companies must provide a list of any industrial standards or certifications that they have achieved (such as ISO 9000).
  • Companies must provide a list of verifiable specific industry markets served within the last five years.

Applying to Become an AIA Certified System Integrator

There are three steps in the application process:

  1. Submit the completed AIA Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement to AIA.
  2. Submit the AIA CSI application form and pay the appropriate fee. Download this checklist to prepare the materials you’ll need to finish the online application in one sitting.
  3. All data in your application form will be verified by AIA personnel.


  • AIA system integrator member companies in good standing pay $500 USD which covers a three year certification period.
  • Non-AIA member company’s fees are based upon their annual sales. Integrators with sales of under $10 million USD/year pay $2,500 USD. Integrators with sales over $10 million USD/year pay $4,500 USD. This fee covers the three year certification period.

System Integrator membership starts at $500 USD. Learn more or join AIA today!

More Information About System Integration

System integrators provide a variety of complex integration services and solutions including consulting, design, engineering, management, installation, training, maintenance and more. They provide service globally to a variety of industries using vision and imaging systems, including manufacturing, packaging, electronics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, medical, security, consumer goods, aerospace, military/defense, agriculture, biometrics, life sciences, and traffic monitoring.

The task of integrating systems is not a project to be taken lightly - nor is choosing the partner company to work with.  AIA provides certification to help you in your selection process, you must complete your own due diligence and AIA assumes no responsibility for the vendor you choose or the work they provide.

For a complete list of AIA-member system integrators, including AIA Certified System Integrators, please go to 'Find a System Integrator'.

If you are interested in jobs related to systems integration, please visit our Careers page.

Current AIA Certified System Integrators

ATS Automation

ATS Automation

Cambridge, ON, Canada

Cyth Systems

Cyth Systems
San Diego, California USA

Graftek Imaging Inc.

Graftek Imaging Inc.

Austin, Texas USA

i4 Solutions

i4 Solutions, LLC
St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Integrated Industrial Technologies
Integrated Industrial Technologies
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Integro Technologies

Integro Technologies Corporation
North Carolina USA

LEONI Vision Solutions

LEONI Vision Solutions
Lake Orion, Michigan USA

Ponfac S/A
Ponfac S/A
Porto Alegre, RS Brazil

Radix Inc.

Radix Inc.

Ontario, Canada

Vista Solutions

Vista Solutions, Inc.
Windsor, Ontario Canada

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