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Robotic VISION Technologies, LLC

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  • Member Since 2013
  • Vision Supplier

Robotic VISION Technologies (RVT) is a proven leader in the field of intelligent machine vision. RVT focuses on software development and support services for its proprietary best-in-class vision guidance robotic technology with an industry leading Science Center and computer & software development team in Michigan. RVT’s innovative software platform supports both inspection and vision guidance products that allow robots as well as automated machines to “See, Think, Do.” RVT is the recipient of the prestigious BAE Systems Chairman’s Award for governmental work as well as the Henry Ford Technology Award . A sample of customers using RVT’s products include Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Boeing and Johnson & Johnson. RVT’s software and technologies enable image recognition, machine vision, machine learning, and robot inspection and guidance processes in industrial and non-industrial markets utilizing off-the-shelf cameras, sensors and laser products.


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