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Wilco Imaging, Inc.

Wilco Imaging provides custom design and development for imaging technology products. These products include cameras, lenses, lighting, cables and interface boards, among many other capabilities. Wilco Imaging was born out of necessity to provide quality vision system components to customers that need off-the-shelf products augmented to their own individual needs. Serving the the machine vision, military and medical industries since 2003, Wilco Imaging has helped many companies implement imaging solutions in an array of different markets. Our development team looks forward to providing "Technology Solutions You Can Trust".

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  • Telephone: (858) 689-9050
  • Fax: (888) 881-6610
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William Corns
Telephone: (858) 689-9050, x3202
7960 Silverton Avenue
Suite 204
San Diego, California 92126

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