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SICK, Inc.

SICK offers innovative machine vision solutions for a variety of applications, including quality control and inspection. From 2D and 3D smart cameras… to low-cost vision sensors, SICK offers a range of high-quality vision solutions. SICK's vision sensors are easy to use, rugged and reliable. They are a cost-effective solution for applications that would otherwise require more complicated and expensive vision systems, such as part inspection and verifying presence. If your application requires a complete system for high-speed capturing and analysis of true shape data, SICK’s 3D Smart Cameras are ideal. The cameras can be programmed to read, inspect, locate, identify and/or measure features. In addition to Smart Cameras, SICK also offers a line of high-speed 3D cameras designed for advanced applications and tough industrial environments. These cameras measure object shape at high speeds as well as measure other object features simultaneously.

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  • Telephone: (800) 325-7425
  • Fax: (952) 941-9287
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